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Thunder... thunder... thunder cunt! (Hey look, I match the background...)

I never have the faintest clue what to say about myself in introduction posts but I will do my best. So, hi! I'm Ashley. I'm originally from Milwaukee and attend the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, majoring in Spanish, possibly ESL, and hopefull Latin American and Caribbean Studies.

My interest in Sailormoon started when I was around 14 years old but what really hooked me was my love of the first season villians. Even today my favorite anime character is Zoisite and I remain an ardent KunzitexZoisite shipper. Eventually I was able to get my hands on the subtitled versions of the show and from there my fandom grew from there.

I will also be part of alkrea's cosplay group (the group yet without a name) come May and Anime Central as Sailor Jupiter.

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Yes, I am aware that the banner pimps another community. It was made by the lovely people there. And yes, I also find it hilariously ironic. :)
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