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Sneaks in behind Beata

Brrr... I had this thought, Usagi wouldnt' last two minutes in cold cold wisconsin.

Konnichiwa! My name is Carri - and i've lived in Wisconsin for my whole life. I was dragged hear by Beata.
I've liked Sailormoon since it first aired on Super18. I even remember the commercials promoting it and asking, "What the hell is this trash?"
Than one day i ended up turning it on and the SailormoonR episode where the Senshi have the face of with the 4 Sisters. And i was hooked!!! I also wanted Rubius so bad. (I'm over him now)

My favorite season is SailorStars - seconded by "S" and than the original.

My favorite character is Salior V - but i'm really starting to like Mercury now. I used to be so so about her.
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