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Come and Introduce Yourself!

I suppose we're gonna have to find a way to start stirring up chatter. We'll think of that as time goes on. Who am I you ask? Splendid question.

I'm Adrian and I'm a mod here at this community. So be naughty so I can start erasing things and abusing my power. Thanks in advance.
But seriously. I've been friends with Ademu and Alkrea, who started this commmunity, for years now (5 and 3 respectively) so yeah. Ademu and I actually met at the bus stop of our high school and we would talk about Sailor Moon all the time. Now here we are years later better friends than we've ever been and still talking about Sailor Moon. Ain't life grand?
I go to UWM and am an art major with a graphic design intended track. Though technically if you looked in my dream mirror you would find that I want to be a comic book artist/writer more than anything in the world. You would find that, but, sadly, no Pegasus.
And now onto my creds.
I fell in love with Sailor Moon when it played on Toonami for the first time. No, I didn't get to be super purist and fall in love with it through local TV before it hit the big time (though I did do that with Pokemon if it makes you feel any better). I eagerly awaited the remaining 17 eps and nearly died of Joygasm. And of course devotedly watched the S and Super S seasons when they came on. So I've seen all the dubbed episodes.
I own a couple of the S DVDs so have seen those eps in japanese. Along with the movies and other random episodes throughout time. Recently I watched all 12 eps of the Nehelenia arc in Japanese too (all in one sitting of course). And I saw the last couple episodes too. Just in case you really need to know how much Japanese I've seen...
Throughout those first years I also collected all the manga volumes (under the Mixx, Girl Comics, and Tokyopop labels cuz it was spread out and out of order).
I also watched all of the live action PGSM within three weeks just this past January.
Sailor Moon was my first anime. It gateway drugged me into other things like Pokemon, Gundam, and Dragon Ball Z. I love all these shows. And my interest in them comes in waves, but they always have a place in my heart. And SM for sure being my first and all!

Hopefully this makes me qualified enough to mod this place. Assuming we ever start raisin' the roofs around these parts that is.

I'll think you'll find that I'm also quite long-winded. Maybe. :p
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