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Adam John Venancio Bernal

Why did this come about?

Hello all..  I am the creator of sailormoon_wi, Ademu.. or Adam if you actually were to talk to me in everyday life.  Why did I feel we needed a Sailor Moon LJ community for the Wisconsin area?  Because I want more friends that understand my obsession.  That's why. 

It all started one fateful September Saturday morning.  I was eating Honey-Nut Cheerios, and sitting at my grandpa's house and I was watching Saturday morning cartoons on Fox Kids (channel 24 in the Milwaukee Area)  I saw the episode, "Return of Sailor Moon,"  which I didn't know why they chose this episode. I began to think that it was a failed show coming back for more.  I then wrote down the show title, because I didn't think I would remember it, and looked in the TV guide to see when and if the show was ever going to be on again.  I was in semi-luck.  It was going to be on every weekday.  The bad part was it was on at 6:30 AM.  Now I had never woken up that early for anything... but Sailor Moon.  (up until that time in my life) I then got all the girls and younger boys in the neighborhood into the show.  Especially Jaimie, Tiffany... and :::drum rolls::: Stephanie.  LOL.  We all loved the show like no other.  Stephanie was the one who got into it the most.. (!!!)  She even started telling everyone in the neighborhood what role in Sailor Moon they played.. LOL.. Apparently Tiffany was Sailor Jupiter and Jaimie was Sailor Venus.  Some girl named Courtney was dubbed Mercury, and this guy Zach whom everyone had a crush on... was in on it somehow.  Anywho.. I was cursed with being called Melvin..  -_-;  I hated that.  for some reason.. I wanted to be Sailor Mercury.  (embarrassing part of my past up on LJ.. YAY!!)  There were "shaddows in the toolshed"  and many Sailor Moon Dances made for the talent shows at the elementary school.  It was fun.  Stephanie and I would every so often sit in her back yard in chairs saying.. "those were the days." 

In eighth grade my mom even tried to ban me from watching Sailor Moon, in fears that it might make me gay.  (!)  I am pretty sure that wasn't what did it.  LOL.  Anywho.. for years I was on the Sailor Moon Downlow.  Sailor Moon happened in secret at my house.  ALOT!  Sometimes I even faked sick and such just so i could watch one episode and have my fix.  Sailor Moon was so more important than highschool.  And in the summer.. a few all nighters were spent staying up until Sailor Moon was over on USA (at 8AM)  by the time I was a JR in highschool... my mom accepted my moonieness and just stopped trying to keep me away from it.  I swear... keeping a moonie away from Sailor Moon.. is like keeping insulin from the diabetic.

O Sailor Moon how much of a part you've played in my life.   

In High School I  started out as that boy everyone thought couldn't speak.  I had no friends in school.. Stephanie was pretty much my only friend.  She was the only one who understood this really awesome unhealthy obsession.  I soon made friends in school... and they asked me "What stuff do you like?"  I said.. "Sailor Moon."  Which immediately labeled me as a geek, because it is an Anime.  As the years went on I found other Moonies in hiding, like Adrian.  This was the year after S and SuperS have just aired on Cartoon Network.  I was soo happy when I found out more Sailor Moon was coming.. And I got to see how they handled the Sailor Uranus and Neptune fiasco.  I was much disappointed when they were incestual lesbians.  We all knew they were going at it.. and to top it off.. they were now related.  EWWW.  Anywho... I was turning 17 and I had my first job and our birthday came around... (Stephanie and mine)  and I bought her the heart collection volume 1 for her 15th birthday.  The DVD sat in my closet for about 2 weeks before i couldn't take it anymore and opened the DVD, and called it m,y own.  I had to get Stephanie a new one.. but GOD DAMN how that taunted me.  I then bought all the Sailor Moon S DVDs.. I wanted a Movie so I got the SuperS movie.. then on Amazon.. they were selling the S movie for 17.99 and I got one of those.. Started renting STARS from the local anime shop.. (hadn't seen SuperS yet)  after that I rented Fansubs of SuperS and then bought the DVDs of that.  SOmewhere in ther I bought the R movie.. and some of the DiC dubs.. (out of order of course.. (5, 6, 7, 4, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 3, 13, 14, 2, 1)  )  Then College started and so did Ebay... found the STARS boxed set on DVD.   Got that for like $45 (smile face)  Stars Manga and some dolls were spread out from the last few years... I'm sorry I am not being chronological at all.  I worked at KB Toys when all the dolls went to $5 a piece plus my discount.. (!!)  

PGSM came out October 2003.. I spent about 3 days trying to find a way to download the first episode.. after downloading the first 17 or so .. I stopped watching them.,.and then Steph started watching them and getting ahead of me.  So i started buying the boxed sets from Ebay.  HEHE.. I now have like.. 62 Sailor Moon DVDs.. out of the 46 commercially available.  LOL it gets bad sometimes.. I come down with really bad insomnia and I have to fall asleep with Sailor Moon on TV.  And even sometimes.. I even space out and watch it in my head.  I can't even begin to think about how sad all of you think i am. 

I just really have nothing better to do.
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