Alexandre Cordonnier (bloodangel) wrote in sailormoon_wi,
Alexandre Cordonnier


Since a lot of you are UWM students...

Is there an Anime club with regular showings on weeknights?

Are there rooms/lounges with televisions stashed somewhere that could be used for a group meetup/SM marathon? :D
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I know someone who may just be able to help with that.. LOL

Ohhh... I like this idea very much. Count me in.
can i come even though i don't go there? lol.
YES as far as I'm concerned! :D
There a group called Anime Circle or something like that. Not sure when/where they meet though.
The first I had heard of that was when I was voting for student associations... and yes, what gives? Where is this elusive circle of anime?
Ooooh.... Massive SM watching.... That would rock! I'd come in costume! XDD lol
Hahaha, provided mine were finished by then, I would totally be with you on that. ;)
hello again! it's Kupii girl from acen ^_^ your icon rocks ^_^!!!!